Well, you've gone and done it. You've found the official DreamExtreme Classroom Wiki.

Here is an introduction to our class, collaboratively written by the 5th grade DreamExtreme students.
We are a class of 33 students and one teacher, Mr. Cosand.
Our class is fun and we like working together. We've been doing lots of group projects in math, writing, art and other subjects, and we'll be doing many more.
Last year, all of the students in our class worked very hard to earn their Self-Manager Badge, recognizing that we regularly show safety, respect, and responsibility.
In our class, there are students who are Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, church group members, music lovers, horseback riders, Pop Warner football players, soccer players, basketball players, hockey players, baseball players, motocross racers, tennis players, BMX racers, skateboarders, ping pong players, golfers, swimmers, gymnasts, wall ball and four square players, dancers, volleyball players, martial artists, wrestlers, video gamers, musicians, visual artists, and singers.
One of our favorite things to do as a class, after we've done a great job and completed our work, is to watch a funny video on YouTube.
We know what a Necessary is, and we've all used one.
We're from Medford, in Southern Oregon. Medford is a beautiful and wonderful place to live. Crater Lake, Oregon's only National Park, is about 60 miles away from our classroom.
We have lots of fun things to do where we live. There are skate parks, parks, and recreational areas throughout Southern Oregon. You can find lots of different sources of water fun around Medford. The Rogue River rushes through our area. In fact, we're called the Rogue Valley because of the river. The Rogue River Gorge, which is near the source of the river at Crater Lake, is an especially beautiful place to visit.
Bear Creek flows right through the middle of Medford, and Lost Creek Lake and Immigrant Lake - with its water slides - are nearby.
Fishing, boating, wakeboarding, swimming, rafting, biking, hiking, and camping are all popular outdoor activities in Southern Oregon.
Mt. Ashland Ski Resort is very close, giving us the chance to ski and snowboard in the winter. Crater Lake is also a great place for cross country skiing.
There are lots of farms, apple and pear orchards, and vineyards in our region. We have an annual Pear Blossom Festival to celebrate the bounty of our area orchards.
Performing Arts are important in Southern Oregon. The Oregon Shakespear Festival, which is world famous, is close to Medford. The Britt Music Festival happens every summer in nearby Jacksonville. We also have an annual Children's Festival at the Britt Grounds. Our Multicultural Festival takes place every fall.
We matter to each other. Our families matter to us. Our friends matter to us, too. Our community matters to us.
Learning is important to us. We want to do our best in school and in everything else we do. Working hard and accomplishing great things matter to us.
We want to be successful.
We also want to have fun.
Being creative is important to us. It helps make school more enjoyable. So do things like group projects, readers' theater, story theater, the arts, and working together to achieve a real goal.
Dreaming BIG matters to us.